LV Detector

LV Detector
Sibille Fameca Electric International-ESP
TAG780 series


IEC 61243-3

Use : Heavy duty voltage detector for checking the absence of voltage and giving voltage level indication on low voltage up to 1000V. This device provides additional features as : Integrated selftest. Phase search in single-pole mode (any of the two contact tips may be used)

Polarity display (-/+). Continuity test (< 80Ω )

Engineered with safety in mind. Unique bright LED display can be read in sunlight. Ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the palm with gloves. A revolutionary IP2X system (retractable tip sleeve): “pull and hold” grip at back of device. Tip sleeve pulling is controlled, offering higher safety and visibility of contact area. Ultra flexible cord (no memory effect). Watertight and dustproof device (IP65) Device protected against over-voltage 1000 V Cat IV for network operation.

Comes with 2 AAA batteries and soft carrying case.

Technical specifications : Voltage range: 12 to 1000V DC and AC (15 to 60 Hz). Audible alarm indicating the presence of voltage with a different tone according to voltage level (discontinuous tone up to 230V and continuous tone above 400V).

Polarity indication (-/+). Built-in self-test Continuity testing (threshold 80Ω). Phase identification in single-pole mode (either test probe may be used).

Front light. Protected against water and dust: IP65. Protected against overvoltage CAT IV 1000V.

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