Electrical Safety Kit

Electrical Safety Kit
Sibille Fameca Electric International-ESP

Electrical Safety Kit

Insulating stool

• 25,000 V or 36,000 V models available • Compliant with EDF ST n°71 and UNE204001 standards

Insulating gloves - TG23 10 (classe 3) TG51 10 (classe 4) • Latex gloves providing medium voltage dielectric insulation for the hands

• Class 3 (26,500V) or class 4 (36,000V) depen- ding on the kit chosen • Compliant with IEC 60903

Insulating boots - TB19 • Protection against step voltage (voltage gradient in the ground) • Compliant with EDF SERECT speci␣cation HTA70B for live working on MV networks • Individually tested • Fully moulded boots

Insulating stick 36KV - PPOLVES - equipped with a hook - CSVES • Telescopic stick • Very robust

• Pentagonal shaped tube for a perfect grip • Anti-rotation feature

Voltage detector - TDPESEC • Detects all voltages of 127V AC and above* (*Does not detect direct current (DC) voltages)

Cable cutter - CCIVES • Insulated 36,000V cable cutter

Talc shaker - TS10T • For easier donning of gloves

Fabric case for gloves - TS10 • Mechanical and UV protection of gloves

Adhesive marker tape - S174JN • For marking o an area, preventing a disconnect switch from being reset, etc

Instructions for use - VESNOT • In diagram form for quick reading and guidance