Sibille Fameca Electric International-ESP

The Sibille Industrie Group, ESP (Electrical Safety Products) division is a pioneer in manufacturing electrical safety equipment. Its safety products are designed for technicians and electricians who test, maintain and operate power systems in high-risk environment (Low, Medium & High Voltage).

ESP division focus on innovation through research and development to provide safety solutions adapted to evolving global networks. Thus, to optimize power distribution and management effectively.

3 pillars of ESP division- France:

1. ESP belief: Never compromise with Safety
2. A pioneer for more than 60 years in designing and manufacturing electrical safety equipment
3. ESP's factories manufacture all IEC approved Electrical Safety Equipment

FamecaElectronics De-energized Cable Identification for MVHV Underground Network, No-Voltage Testing/Insulating Sticks, Earthing & Short-Circuiting Devices
ALROC Tools for MVHV Cables Preparation
Sibille Outillage LV Insulated & ATEX Tools
Sibille Safe Insulating Mat, Gloves & Substation Rescue Set
CSA Height Access Equipment & Bags
MOS Hydraulic Cable Cutter
Electro-PJP_Technowill LV Safety Probes & Leads, Shunt & Repowering

MALTEP                   Earthing Materials for Substations & Overhead Lines

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Non Sparking Tools


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