01 August 2018
BGT- Storage Box for Insulating Gloves
To preserve the useful life of the Insulating Gloves and for quick deployment, the electricians will find BGT box helps a lot and saving time.
06 March 2017
New Launch in SFE International- ESP Division
The latest version of 2017 ~ 2018 Catalogue released. New products- tested and mass-produced, enhancing top electrical safety protection for staff and contractors on site.
14 December 2016
Launch of 2017~18 Sibille Fameca Electric International (New products)
New lines of Electrical Safety Products are introduced next year for more effective risk-mitigation at work.
01 December 2016
MGC Moser-Glaser's new portal page
Check out the new home page of MGC Moser-Glaser:- the True Swiss Values
29 July 2016
Sibille's Portable Rescue Kit (VES25&36)
Now VES25 or VES36 (Sibille Fameca's 25kV & 36kV portable rescue kit) comes with brackets for secured mounting on wall or bulkhead in vessels at any marine conditions.
03 June 2016
Rudolph Tietzsch's re-engineered LV Tester
The existing LV tester has been redesigned for simplicity and layman's use (SPB1000B - no buttons; probe & see display).
18 June 2015
Portable Equipotential-Continuity Tester
17 April 2015
French National Utility, EDF affirms Sibille Fameca Electric (Novarc) R&D
EDF & SFE (Novarc) R&D - Strong Partnership over the years!
30 March 2015
1kV Insulated Screwdrivers offer high efficiency
26 December 2014
SFE ROAD SHELL - Cable Protection
Road Shell (High Strength Cable Protector)
- designed for extreme conditions
03 September 2014
MGC 100th year Anniversary (1914-2014)
MGC’s 100 years of company history
05 June 2014
MGC's 100 years Anniversary
Celebration for MGC's 100 years Anniversary on 5th June, 2014
09 March 2014
Launch of Sibille Fameca Portable Rescue Kit
Sibille Fameca Portable Rescue Kit includes electrical protection during road accidents, electric and hybrid cars, cable removal, work on photovoltaic panels, work on electrified railway lines and industry.