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01 August 2018
BGT- Storage Box for Insulating Gloves
To preserve the useful life of the Insulating Gloves and for quick deployment, the electricians will find BGT box helps a lot and saving time.
06 March 2017
New Launch in SFE International- ESP Division
The latest version of 2017 ~ 2018 Catalogue released. New products- tested and mass-produced, enhancing top electrical safety protection for staff and contractors on site.
14 December 2016
Launch of 2017~18 Sibille Fameca Electric International (New products)
New lines of Electrical Safety Products are introduced next year for more effective risk-mitigation at work.
01 December 2016
MGC Moser-Glaser's new portal page
Check out the new home page of MGC Moser-Glaser:- the True Swiss Values
29 July 2016
Sibille's Portable Rescue Kit (VES25&36)
Now VES25 or VES36 (Sibille Fameca's 25kV & 36kV portable rescue kit) comes with brackets for secured mounting on wall or bulkhead in vessels at any marine conditions.
03 June 2016
Rudolph Tietzsch's re-engineered LV Tester
The existing LV tester has been redesigned for simplicity and layman's use (SPB1000B - no buttons; probe & see display).
18 June 2015
Portable Equipotential-Continuity Tester
17 April 2015
French National Utility, EDF affirms Sibille Fameca Electric (Novarc) R&D
EDF & SFE (Novarc) R&D - Strong Partnership over the years!
30 March 2015
1kV Insulated Screwdrivers offer high efficiency
26 December 2014
SFE ROAD SHELL - Cable Protection
Road Shell (High Strength Cable Protector)
- designed for extreme conditions
03 September 2014
MGC 100th year Anniversary (1914-2014)
MGC’s 100 years of company history
05 June 2014
MGC's 100 years Anniversary
Celebration for MGC's 100 years Anniversary on 5th June, 2014