03 September 2014

MGC 100th year Anniversary (1914-2014)


100 years - MGC Moser-Glaser

MGC’s 100th anniversary | MGC’s 100 years of company history has been shaped by energy. MGC Moser-Glaser AG has globally acquired an excellent reputation based on reliability and innovation thanks to our experienced operation staff, motivated sales, engineering and administration teams and qualified development specialists. All this together builds an entity grown over several decades. After economic turbulences, the company was acquired in 2001 by the Pfiffner group. Since then the focus has been put on busbars and bushings. Major events have been the relocation from Muttenz to the new facility in Kaiseraugst and the extension of the production infrastructure with currently 4 kiln lines. The introduction of an internal silicone processing was and still is a challenge. Further milestones were the resin preparation with thin film-degas-technology as well as the facility extension in 2009.

We continue to develop our products. Today we are talking about plant engineering and component business, the main business being applications regarding DURESCA technology. In our components line we supply wall bushings and transformer bushings and can carry out type tests up to 300kV. Given the long tradition and history we can pause and reflect for a moment.

We are planning a new extension of our Kaiseraugst facility. MGC continues to develop its position on the global market by enlarging continuously its sales network. Our development department is working on the adaption of our transformer bushings to the US-norm (ANSI). Furthermore we are pushing the development of the 420 / 550 kV bushings. Electricity is the key technology of the future. In 2014, 100 years after MGC’s foundation, we are facing big challenges.

With courage, determination and persistence we will be successful and with our innovative technology we will continue to be a reliable partner to our customers.


Moser-Glaser & Co. is founded by Ernst Moser and Emil Glaser in Basel. At the beginning they develop small transformers, which are first produced in 1916. Over the years Moser-Glaser & Co. becomes a medium- sized industrial company.

1916 | Production of the first three-phase oil- insulated transformers.


1921 | First production of the newly developed 8 and 15 kV power transformers.


1922 | First production of dry insulated 15 kV and 66 kV instrument transformers for indoor installation sold to SBB. Continuous development of transformers and instrument trans- formers.


1939 | Transformation into a joint stock company and renaming into MOSER-GLASER & Co. AG.


1944 | Development of porcelain insulated voltage transformers.


1946 | MGC moves from Basel to the new location in Muttenz. This investment contributes a great deal to the success of the coming years.

1947 | Major breakthrough with epoxy cast resin insulation for medium voltage and current transformers


1948 | Further development of power trans- formers 12/24/36 kV bis 6000kVA.


1958 | Launch of the DURESCA-busbar technology. This busbar system is especially adapted for connections in substations between genera- tors and transformers as well as for direct connections in SF6-installations. With this new system MGC is able to enter the engineering and component business.


1982 | Development and launch of SF6-insulated instrument transformers GASCOIL.


1990 | Introduction of the SF6-insulated busbar system GASLINK which was developed together with Siemens.


1996 | Development of the partially insulated busbar systemTIRESCA


1999 | Renaming into MGC Technologie AG. With the entry in the plasma environment technology at the end of the 1980s and its standards which cannot be met, the company faces more and more difficulties. Part of the staff have to be dismissed. By concentrating on the busbar business MGC tries to save what can be saved.


2001 | Takeover by Pfiffner Messwandler AG, Hirschthal.

Thanks to this takeover the company can survive. The following 3 years are difficult.


2004 | Relocation to the new facility in Kaiseraugst.

On December 24th, 2004 the offices are moved from Muttenz to Kaiseraugst. They are set up between Christmas and NewYear. The production work shop follows later because of the kiln testing phase, introduction of the new trans- former bushings TRAVESCA.

Change of name into MGC Moser-Glaser AG


2009 | Facility extension with an additional production area. The 95th anniversary of the company is celebrated with a staff outing to Lake Lucerne following the trails of Wilhelm Tell.

Thanks to the increase of incoming orders the production area needs to be extended and the workflow has to be optimized. The sales figures continue to increase and MGC gets back to its former strength.


2010 | Introduction of 245kV bushings.



2013 | Record-breaking year just before the 100th anniversary with a turnover of over CHF 29 Mio.


At present a new production area for bushings is planned with a 550kV testing lab and an underground car park which will be built on the currently existing car park.