About UA International
Pte Ltd

UA International Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1995. Its origin was to bring innovative technologies and cost-effective solutions from the West to Asia.

For the past 20 years, UA stands apart being the leading supplier. An electrical expert in High Voltage Power Transmission & Distribution field in Asia Pacific. UA offers cost-effective solutions the only Fully Insulated Busbar System through 170,000 V. A full range of Electrical Safety

Products comply with mostly IEC standards, as well as Rugged Voltage Testing devices.


With its long track record partnering these proven and reliable innovators: MGC (Moser-Glaser AG) -Switzerland, SFEI (Sibille Fameca Electric International) -France and Rudolph Tietzsch -Germany cutting-edge products are birthed. Their best capacities, experience and expertise enable successful completion multi-million dollar projects in the Asia Pacific region. The completed projects include Shell Petroleum, Public Utilities' Waste Water Treatment, Geothermal Plants,




Power Stations in South East Asia, as well as the Rails Electrification works.


We envision UA: the world-class electrical-safety solution provider who offers Cost-effective and Innovative Products, specializing in High Voltage Insulated Busbar Systems, Electrical Safety Equipment, Voltage Testing Devices for industries including HVMV Power Transmission and Distribution, Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore), Chemical and Waste Water Treatment Plants, Marine Infrastructure Building, Heavy Industries & Production plants and Railway systems.