Sibille Fameca Electric International-ESP

The Sibille Industrie Group, ESP (Electrical Safety Products) division is a pioneer in manufacturing electrical safety equipment. Its safety products are designed for technicians and electricians who test, maintain and operate power systems in high-risk environment (Low, Medium & High Voltage).

ESP division focus on innovation through research and development to provide safety solutions adapted to evolving global networks. Thus, to optimize power distribution and management effectively.

3 pillars of ESP division- France:

1. ESP belief: Never compromise with Safety
2. A pioneer for more than 60 years in designing and manufacturing electrical safety equipment
3. ESP's factories manufacture all IEC approved Electrical Safety Equipment

FamecaElectronics De-energized Cable Identification for MVHV Underground Network, No-Voltage Testing/Insulating Sticks, Earthing & Short-Circuiting Devices
ALROC Tools for MVHV Cables Preparation
Sibille Outillage LV Insulated & ATEX Tools
Sibille Safe Insulating Mat, Gloves & Substation Rescue Set
CSA Height Access Equipment & Bags
MOS Hydraulic Cable Cutter
Electro-PJP_Technowill LV Safety Probes & Leads, Shunt & Repowering

MALTEP                   Earthing Materials for Substations & Overhead Lines

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Work In Explosive Atmosphere
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Standards and Advices
Antistatic Gas Pliers
Antistatic Ratchet Torque Wrench
Ratchet Spanner Gas Sockets
Gas Tightening Spanners
Gas Screwdrivers
Gas Saw and Knifes
Non Sparking Tools
Anti Glittering Striking Tools
Devices of Electrostatic Charges Flow
Tools Set
Tents- Umbrellas