Rudolph Tietzsch

Trust its safety culture, quality and 50 years of experience! 


Rudolph Tietzsch offers you the ideal measuring and testing devices in your area of application.

VDE/IEC approved voltage testers for most industries: energy provider and the construction sector. Its telescopic, high voltage testers are designed for measuring electrical feeders, converters and overhead lines.

For many years, Tietzsch ex-proof measuring devices have become part of the standard equipment in the oil, gas, chemical and mining industry. Safety and easy handling are of prime importance within the design and manufacturing process of Tietzsch voltage testing devices.

A video on SPB1000L-UB for 3rd Rail Voltage Detection:


Another video: DSP TT1 Voltage Testing on Overhead Rails:


MV Voltage Tester up to 36kV

Datasheet for downloading:



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MultiSafe DSP Tester
MultiSafe DSP Tester